“Firework” by Serge Bertasius Photography image courtesy of www.

I stand upon a mountain-top

my face raised to the sun

skirts billowing

It took so long to get here

to this pinnacle

… a plane of freedom

… a place of comfort

No more will I cower

self-doubts extinguishing confidence

No more will I conceal my true self

authenticity eradicating falsity

The hands on the clock face have moved

and my time is now.

© 2017



“Psychedelic” by dan image courtesy of

A kaleidescope of colours



As fluid as my thoughts,

my emotions

The rainbow is soft

beneath my feet

enveloping my consciousness

Wrapping warm shades around me

my aura becoming an Aurora

seen from other worlds

grounding me in this one.

© 2017

Conceding defeat

“Time Time” image by prozac1 courtesy of

My eyelids heavy with sleep

I will dream of him no more

The visions I delighted in are futile,

infused with the poison of mirage

I was the one chasing



And he, merely a bystander

a witness to my struggles

as I entered a forbidden land

proffering a cocktail of lies

falsities, handed to myself

Drinking the drug of illusion

fuelling the fire of imagination

When really there is nothing more from him

no electricity

no interest

and no room left in my heart for misjudgement

© 2017

Enveloping powerlessness

View Of Mormon Row Near Jackson Wyoming by Phil_Bird courtesy of

The territory is familiar

I don’t know where the borders are

the boundaries to contain my behaviour

For the first time

I want to be a better person

reluctant to repeat old mistakes

Yet logic and emotions collide

and I want to rebel

at being constrained

Wrestle free of the boundaries,

the fences penning me in

It feels impossible to stay silent

to retain my peace

At some point I gave my power away

and I am at a loss as to how to get it back

© 2017

Bewildering Clarity.

Shiny New Padlock On An Old Door Stock Photo courtesy of

Echoes of my childhood

filter into my adult being

Strands of negativity

that took root behind closed doors

Always the troublemaker

the target of blame

Seeking security, attention,


Sour memories contradict

the happy times

The laughter, the unity

precipitating a fragmented family

Separate lives, isolated feelings

And I, 

the intersecting burden and blessing,

the glue

The woman

nurturing a trapped inner child.

© 2017



“Dirty Background With Broken Heart” by fotographic1980 courtesy of


It was the safest place

being wrapped in your arms …

I can still feel the touch of your skin,

the warmth of your embrace

All those precious moments now lost,

bleeding from my heart,

the searing recognition of what I once had

Crippling pain,

regret and guilt suffocating

Never to hear your laugh again,

or look into those bright blue eyes,

hear your voice soften as you reassure,

so blind to the gift that was right in front of me.

Eternally sorry,

I am broken

without you,

my love.

© 2016

Frozen Heart.



“Heart” by graur codrin courtesy of

I can feel my heart hardening again

frosting over

the shards of ice melding together

Frozen solid

the construction of an impenetrable fortress building

once again

No more do I dream of knights and saviours

eyes wide open, surveying instead

the players

the disillusioned

It doesn’t serve to be open

in affairs of the heart

My honesty a toxic poison

Better to remain concealed:

The Dreamer.

There is safety in dreams

and pain in the reality of being ‘too much’.

© 2016