Goodbye to Sadness

It’s been a long walk

A tiresome journey

Where walls sprang up

  right before my eyes

Where vines wrapped round my ankles

  and thorns cut my pale skin

Where the moon sat on my shoulders,

  pressing me down

  and I bore all these things

I coped as best I could

  until I could act out the scenes no longer

The curtain fell on that sad show one last time

  and I curtseyed to the world,

  making a graceful exit into freedom

Waltzing down a gilt-edged path

  with daisies tickling my soft soles

  and tall trees blowing in the breeze

I never believed he actually existed

  nor that I’d known him an age ago!

This gentle man,

  a myth, my own dream,

  claiming himself to be mine

Proferring his arms to catch me

Bathing me with love and affection

Rebuilding my heart

  and complementing my soul

A kindred spirit

Someone with whom I want to share

  the burning fires of time

To be with, to love

I’ve found him

© 2011

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