Rise up

In my old life, my past,

  I was buried

My soul was attacked

  and my spirit knifed

I wore sadness like a crown

  and walked alone

  to the music of futility

And I sometimes do still hurt

Most of my life given to the wrong person

who occasionally made me smile

  but mostly made me bleed

I feel like I’ve climbed mountains

  covered with snow and ice

  slipping down more often than not

Before finally reaching the top

where I could sit and peacefully view

  the broken pictures of my teenage years

  the cracked glass images of my twenties

The tears fell for a long time

  my knees damp with the swell of self pity

Until I remembered to stand

Rise up, with my head back

  and shoulders to the sky

And something inside reminded me

  to start smiling again

The tiny spark of hope told me I’d been alive

  but never lived

And now I do live

Even though there are a few more mountains to climb

  they are low and friendly

with hands outstretched

  to help me on my way

and silk-like tissues to dab away my tears

  when they come

And at the top of each mountain sits a huge mirror

  with the most vivid reflections I’ve ever seen

Showing the image of a woman who broke free

  who took the pain and chose the hard option

I am beautiful inside and out

And I’ve found the one to appreciate it

© www.mypastmademe.com 2011

2 responses to “Rise up

    • Thank you so much! You have given me my first ever comment … I only found the courage to start my blog 2 days ago and it feels strange publishing poems which are so intensely private, but I figured it’s time to let like minded people appreciate them rather than just let them age in my little book. Feel all warm and fuzzy inside now 🙂

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