When the darkness opens up like a tomb

  light floods in and I can see

When the fear starts to choke me like a noose

  the angels remind me we are safe

When the sadness starts to drench me like rain

  my children’s laughter sounds and I smile

The road is long and winding

  but the signs glow like beacons

  and my heart and spirit are strong

© 2011


I have submitted the above for Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 40 hosted by Jingle

28 responses to “Beacons

    • Glad you enjoyed it! To be honest, before being invited to the Rally I hadn’t written anything for a while so this is all very positive and it came to me with such ease, walking along in the sunshine (which lifts everyone, does it not?). 🙂

    • Yes, I’m proud that finally I am producing work with an uplifting vibe (not that I ever cared about that, I just write what comes) … I see my poetry over the years as being an extension of myself so this is nourishment for the soul, I feel! Thank you 🙂

    • I think it’s amazing when someone sees something in a poem which you didn’t detect yourself. Yes, I think you have actually described the two emotions I was feeling when I wrote it, or at least those which I am to remind myself of when needed! Thank you 🙂

    • Thank you. Very rarely have I been able to write anything uplifting or positive, although I’m finding that it’s coming to me easier these days. Take heart … I think some of the best poems are written from pain and anguish; it is probably your strength, but this is only something you will know when you have accomplished what you say you’re unable to do and then you will have succeeded regardless. 🙂

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