13 responses to “Past Lives

    • Mmm, I’m not in any hurry either! lol The connection was so strong on my part that I didn’t realise it was one-sided until I started to sort myself out … then it became very clear, very quickly 😦 The mind does funny things sometimes … Thanks for the positive comments 🙂

    • It was written about someone … at that time I literally felt that I knew this person, inexplicably. So the last line was my confusion at how I could feel so connected; how could that be? Bit of an unrequited love thing; they never knew how deeply I felt things and I didn’t have the courage to tell them for fear of rejection. 🙂

    • Ah this is opening a can of worms! lol To me, fate is something you can’t change (even the bad), whereas destiny you can (my strange mind maybe?). Waiting … the waiting is definite, the problem is believing that there is anyone worth waiting for any more. This is where the learning comes in … learning to be fulfilled with what I have, learning to live in the present, and NOT waiting. A paradox! 🙂

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