The Perfect Poet Award of Week 41 ~ ‘Evolving’

I accept the nomination for The Perfect Poet Award for Week 41.  Thank you Becca (and anyone else?) for nominating me.

I am pleased to nominate belladonna23 for her piece ‘it’s gone’.

My entry for week 41:


Goodbye old self,

old shell

cast aside, outgrown

May you disintegrate

into the dust of my past

save for the good memories,

the smiles,

the moments to treasure

The future beckons

but I yield with pleasure

to the vortex of today

© 2011

19 responses to “The Perfect Poet Award of Week 41 ~ ‘Evolving’

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    • Thank you, thought of it while running in the sunshine! It is daunting, but for the first time in my life I am doing it … I am living day to day and cherishing what I have. It’s a great feeling! Happy Potluck to you to! 🙂

    • Thanks so much. I’m still a newbie and getting to grips with links etc and thought I’d done that … any help (please email me if easier?) would be greatly appreciated. Happy to link and hope I did everything right re: acceptance … took me ages! lol 🙂

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