No idea!!!  *laughs*   For Luna’s Poetry Month Clambake (Week 2)  🙂

Another day lost

  time lapsed,

  the list undone

I need to find the trigger

  for tomorrow

locate the pulse

  quicken my heart,

  my step

Remember that the stars

  watch me from the ether

© 2011

13 responses to “Lapsed

  1. Much edifying article, I must say. This post is totally inspirational in its own ways and I am confident that it will even get success in encouraging other people like me.And yes i have bookmarked your site .

    • Thank you 🙂 I want to subscribe to your blog but you’re on blogspot and I don’t know how to do it! Help appreciated please … still a newbie on here really in terms of knowing exactly what’s what, at least I feel like I am! 🙂

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