Whispers of love

So … the ol’ tear ducts have had a workout this week (a now-dead anniversary (relationship ended, nothing worse)), and the last few days I’ve had this song going through my head … you know, the sort that conjures up in your mind when you’re just driving along and you suddenly start humming, and if you’re lucky you fit words to it (I can’t remember the first words I sang, am sure they were better).  Anyway, this little paragraph will explain the repetition  🙂   The melody is, I would say, like a Celtic lullaby, in a soft voice.  It might not read well, but sounds lovely in song  🙂

Every day, every day

  you’ll hear my whisper

  every day

Down by the ocean,

  across the sea

That’s where you’ll find me,

  that’s where I’ll be

Every day, every day

  you’ll hear my whisper

  every day

My heart’s still broken,

  torn in two

Thought we’d be a lifetime,

  me and you

Every day, every day

  you’ll hear my whisper

  every day

© www.mypastmademe.com 2011

8 responses to “Whispers of love

  1. When there’s a lullaby ringing about your head,
    Waste it not, let it catch the wind instead,
    Over the mountains and across the sea,
    I’ll be listening, though it’s not for me,
    A heart takes time to grow and mend,
    and then perhaps, you’ll be vulnerable again,
    so whisper your song sweet and low,
    let it introduce you wherever you go,
    and don’t be surprised if you find someday,
    another voice blending and asking you to stay,
    Two voices rising in sweet refrain,
    engaging the heart and foggy brain,
    forgetting what was, choosing what’s now,
    Love goes on, someway, somehow.
    Sorry about the walk down memory lane. That walk should only be taken with a partner.

    • This has just made me cry!!! You are phenomenal at writing … had you already written that, or did it spring to mind when you read my post? For the record, I’m in the ‘I’m never going to love again’ phase for the first time in my life … and I plan to stay in it. The heart is hardening :S or 🙂 not quite sure!! Bless you for that poem anyway, that got me, totally! 🙂

  2. Oh this was so sad and sweet…
    I don’t want to invade your privacy, but…the anniversary of you partner was it?
    Jesus, I’m so sorry.
    You clearly have a lot of inner strength, even though you might be aching inside. I admire your courage.

    • I feel terrible for not being more careful with my wording … it reads as though it was a bereavement … but trivially the loss was only emotional, he is very alive and well. I am sorry to anyone I have misled with my words … in fact I’m going to edit the post now to avoid any further confusion. Clearly my thoughts weren’t focused when I posted. I shouldn’t be saying anything really … I think about real loss, real devastation or terrible things people and their loved ones have to endure and mine pales into insignificance. I haven’t been on-line much the last few days, but do look forward to catching up with your blog. 🙂 [edited!]

    • Thank you … I should have worded things more carefully though … I have not (thank God) suffered bereavement, just the grief of being left. I thought it was done with, then you hit a date and more hurt comes out 😦 I wonder if I shouldn’t have posted anything since my obstacles don’t compare to those who have really suffered …

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