Clam, Spam, Prawns & Ham

So here I am again,

  after paper met with pen,

  back to join the Clambake one last time.

Sometimes getting on-line was a struggle,

  responsibilities to juggle,

  but I didn’t want to miss it so here’s mine!

So grateful for inclusion,

  my other poems were a fusion

  of feelings I have now or felt before.

This time I’ve written a sort of ditty,

  my attempt at being witty,

  something a little different for Week 4.

Starting as strangers we’ve come together,

  with hearts of poets we are tethered

  to Mr Linky – oh he does go so slow!

Then we live our lives some more,

  using our blogs to open doors,

  but who will win this week?  We want to know!

I’m sorry I haven’t reviewed much,

  the past few weeks I’ve been out of touch,

  but I promise I’ll read every single one.

Poetry Month has been celebrated –

  I even had a comment rated! –

  the whole thing has been such tremendous fun.

Now one thing does remain,

  I no longer can refrain

  from thanking the lady who’s worked on this so hard.

I’ve never eaten a clam I confess –

  that’s beside the point, I digress –

  Luna, you’re a star, that’s what you are!  🙂

In case it’s not totally obvious, the above is my entry for Luna’s Poetry Month Clambake Week 4.  🙂

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