There was a time

Girl Reading A Book On A Beach by Michal Marcol/

  when I was cemented in my past

  and I could not see the future.

There was a time

  when I could not stop visualising what lies ahead,

  what will become of me.

Now I can only live in the moment.

I do not try to see the future,

  I do not dwell on the past

  and I can only taste the present.

I have surrendered

  to the conclusion of another chapter,

  and my fingers are slowly reaching

  to turn the page of tomorrow.

© 2011

Submitted for Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 45  🙂

54 responses to “Now.

    • Thank you … I am particularly proud of it and tend to read it often as a reminder to myself of who I have become. This is really about undoing everything I believed … that my soulmate would magically appear, that this would happen, or that would happen and – if I’m honest – I never gave thought to working on myself so that I might be worthy of such things. Now, other than practical plans for the immediate future (ie daily living), I have surrendered to not knowing what is going to happen and with it has come an incredible amount of peace. I also now know I have lots to work on within myself. The key for me though, as I have realised recently, is not allowing my heart to turn to stone – otherwise certain things might end up staring me in the face and I will not recognise them or allow myself to receive them. I am so pleased that this poem (or any of my poems) might bring comfort or hope to anyone who reads them. I appreciate your comment very much 🙂

  1. The use of “taste” is perfect in dealing with this age old theme. We do not eat the food of yesterday (well, except for leftovers, haha), nor the food of tomorrow, only the food of today. When thinking about this theme I can never resist quoting the old adage “with one foot in yesterday, and one foot in tomorrow, you end up pissing all over today!”
    Thanks very much for sharing this!

    • That quote is class! lol I’ve never heard it before! Your observations (ie food/leftovers etc) are very thought-provoking; it just felt right to use the word ‘taste’, since it’s where we are right now, at any given moment. I appreciate your comment … and thanks for making me laugh! 🙂

  2. I loved this 🙂 It reminded me of my younger self but now, I’m more concerned of the HERE and NOW. It’s important to live each day as if it’s your last because when you think about the future, all you can actually make out is uncertainty. Very beautiful poem. 🙂

    • I hadn’t thought of that contradictory aspect … living in the now, yet reaching for tomorrow. I feel very proud of your ‘zen message’ remark … I am focussing on acceptance these days and always learning. Thank you for commenting, Harry 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting! Yes, I’ve actually found the hardest part about living in the present to be letting go of a future that may or may not materialise … life feels a lot lighter now, like every decision I make and every mistake or achievement I make will be all my own, if that makes sense. 🙂

  3. This is a lovely, uplifting poem about coming out of the darkness into the light.
    Forget about yesterday…you can’t turn back the hands of time. Don’t worry about tomorrow…no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Live for the moment…live for today.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Nice one! Living just for today is a happy way to choose. Then, you don’t regret things from the past or that beautiful moments are gone and aren’t concentrating on the scary, uncertain future either.

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