The Challenge!!

Apologies to anyone who has been waiting for the end of my short story … I will endeavour to get that on here in the next few weeks (latest).  Very shoddy of me, just a matter of typing it; it was written a while ago.

I’ve been experiencing somewhat of a block on both my novel (now well overdue – personal deadline only though, more’s the pity!) and poetry, so I have set myself a challenge for this week: to write another short story.  I’ve only ever written two!  Correction: I’ve only ever completed two and that was ages ago.  So …  time to write a new one.  It will be easy to start; the challenge will be finishing it … and making it any good!  I struggle with short stories  😦

Watch this space!  Oh, and if I fail I will slap myself upside the head with a wet fish  😉

Au revoir


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