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  1. I had an amazing Christmas thank you for asking :D. I hope you also had an amazing New Year. It’s been quite hectic for me too and it’s amazing how time seems to fly by so quickly.

    For the 7X7 Link award, well it’s really simple, for this particular award all you have to do is tell us one thing that we don’t know about you and list 7 people who you think deserve this award and link them to the post.You have to also notify the 7 that you picked that they’ve been nominated.

    Hope that helps? I’m still trying to get used to these awards hahaha. God bless you and keep you 😀

    • Hello, to be honest I was asleep not far into the New Year, lol, but it was great, thank you, and I hope your start to 2012 was eventful! Thanks for the info on the awards, I will endeavour to sort that by the weekend … hope that’s okay! Very privileged that you listed my blog, thank you. Speak soon. Love and light to you 🙂

    • Wow, thank you so much!! I had a quick peek at your page (congrats to you!), but short of time right this second so will come back to it asap. I am so glad you enjoy my blog. I must confess, I get a bit confused by these awards (still a newbie on that score!), do I now list some links? Would rather ask than be completely wrong 🙂 Thank you again and hoping you have had a peaceful and fruitful start to the New Year 🙂

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