Real poetry, I believe, comes straight from the heart.

Before starting my blog I only dared to show three or four close friends some of my poems (across several years), blushing madly as I did so!   I was horrified at the thought that my poems would be judged.  All of my poems are feelings spilled on to a page … raw emotion … how can that be judged?

I have found that when I am blissfully happy and content the bursts of inspiration are few and far between, although this is changing as time goes on in that I can now write more ‘positive’ work.  Whilst I have a few personal favourites – uplifting gems – my best poems, I feel, are those which were borne from pain and misery during a very dark time in my past.

It means a lot that you visited my blog.  Please come back soon or subscribe.  Thank you 🙂

Rosie x