Hello everyone!

Thanks to those subscribers who have stuck with me during my break – it’s appreciated, thank you 🙂  … and to those receiving this as an edited post, yes, I’m out of practice, sorry!  lol 🙂

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So this post finds me slightly tired, but very excited as I will be taking a very brave step within the next few minutes.  Having finished my first novel – well, my second strictly speaking – I am stepping into the daunting world of rejection by looking for an Agent.  I know, I know … brace myself!  Put some armour on!  I can hardly believe I’m doing it really.

It’s ridiculous how nervous I am and I’m sure it will pass once I’ve gone past the point of no return and clicked ‘send’ to my draft email.  There is a circus of contradiction going on in my head at the moment.  I mean, you’ve got to believe in yourself to get up the courage to try, but you’ve got to prepare yourself for rejection knowing the odds are against you.  It’s a twisted mixture of excitement and dread!

The other thing is this: it dawned on me earlier this afternoon that a lot of my nervousness is because I’m finally putting myself out there.  Instead of hiding away I’m going to be saying, “Look!  I’m here!  This is what I can do!”  Not my normal way of doing things, well, it hasn’t been for a while anyway.

So in the spirit of being brave, I think it’s time I revealed my identity … something so simple, but this is HUGE for me!!  I found great comfort in my anonymity.  So, I’m taking a deep breath now.   Are you ready?  *drumroll*

Terra Intera Davanti II Sole by Idea go

Hello world,

my name is Rosie Walsh.

Pleased to meet you 🙂

Wish me luck!

Bye for now  x

Seek and ye shall find …

For anyone who was wondering … yes, I did manage to find my poetry book.  HOORAH!

Girl Jumping In Paddy Field by sakhorn38/

To celebrate, another poem – penned in my beloved book – will follow shortly.

Oh happy, happy days!  🙂

*sigh*  Sometimes it is the little things that give us the greatest joy, don’t you think …?  🙂


Misplaced emotions …

3d Man And Question Mark by Master isolated images/

I have spent the last hour looking for my poetry book … my little book in which I scribe all my thoughts, my poems, my most private wonders.  It was placed next to me last night while I typed ‘A  New Star Is Born’ … after that, I have no idea.  I can’t remember.  Logic says, of course, that it’s here somewhere!  I know I didn’t take it out, so it’s got to be around … it will turn up tomorrow surely.

Except that tomorrow isn’t good enough.  Like Verruca Salt (surely the most brilliantly named fictitious character of all time), I want it NOW!!  I even had a little cry … a release of desperation since I’ve looked everywhere it could be to no avail.  How amazing really that such an innocent-looking, inanimate object can evoke such emotion at the fact that it’s missing.

So tonight, no poem … I mean, yes, obviously I could scribble something out on a loose piece of paper, but it wouldn’t be the same, and anyway my mind is now solely consumed by the knowledge that I am lacking the knowledge of knowing where my book is!!!  *sigh*  Hopefully tomorrow I will write something about the gratitude of finding something so precious …

Have a lovely evening 🙂  Wish me luck with my search!

A Novel Called Life

But for the blink of an eye,

  the flip of a coin

  a different decision made,

  my life would be different now.

We are born as empty books.

Our mothers write on the first page,

our fathers bind the book and keep it safe

When we are ridiculed, creases appear,

  dents in our armour

and when our hearts break, we tear pages out,

  a sliver of paper the only reminder.

Pages thin when we endure pain,

  and the edges become ragged when we are lost

  as we thumb through past experiences,

  revisiting choices,

  pondering reasons.

The pages discolour when we fall

  and are crisp and clean when we get up again.

My book was slashed

  when it fell into the wrong hands,

  then bound together for a while

  before falling apart again,

  some pages lost for eternity.

So the original authors took possession

  and fixed it,

  bolstered the spine

  before handing it back to me.

I no longer fear an empty book.

I will fill every page,

  live every word

  and cherish the sequels.

I hold the pen.

I wield the sword.

I will protect.

© 2011

Not quite sure where this one came from, especially the ending!!!   🙂