There it is next to me …

a heap on the floor

A mound of memories

The coat of rejection grew thin

and worn

So I took it off

The cloak of inadequacy

doesn’t fit any more

Not me

The path I’ve chosen still twists

and turns

but it is now edged with roses

The sky is Iris blue

and my heart is free

© 2012



Love by Salvatore Vuono/


Splintered.  My Family.  My Heart.

One piece wanting to leave regularly …

and I am not whole until she boomerangs home again.


Two responses: one of sorrow … that it was not supposed to be like this,

and one of knowing that I need to fulfill my life so that it does not hurt so much.



© 2011


I try to avoid the tidal wave of bitterness

  but every day is a fight

  a torrid storm

Where the trees crash down, blocking my path

I am always falling over

My knees and hands cut with glass

Crystalising my hopes

  into little blocks, tiny shapes

That sit afloat

  a dank riverbed

And the river runs deep

The colour turning, darkening

And the crystals no longer shine

Any glimmer of hope being dirtied and mocked

Picked out by a hand

  placing my dreams on a wall

  in a crooked line, hung on rusty nails

Where people watch

  and stare

  stood motionless

I am a new page every day

In this bible of life

© 2011