Crystal Chandelier by Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot/

Challenges used to call



Confidence would suffocate fear



Positive would quash negative



These are the facets now discoloured


Traits within, long since trampled


The rope of youth hangs near

trailing from the skies of my conscience

Climb it, I will

Pull myself up

Preserve my spirit


like I once did

© 2012

Girl On Swing by Vlado/

The Challenge!!

Apologies to anyone who has been waiting for the end of my short story … I will endeavour to get that on here in the next few weeks (latest).  Very shoddy of me, just a matter of typing it; it was written a while ago.

I’ve been experiencing somewhat of a block on both my novel (now well overdue – personal deadline only though, more’s the pity!) and poetry, so I have set myself a challenge for this week: to write another short story.  I’ve only ever written two!  Correction: I’ve only ever completed two and that was ages ago.  So …  time to write a new one.  It will be easy to start; the challenge will be finishing it … and making it any good!  I struggle with short stories  😦

Watch this space!  Oh, and if I fail I will slap myself upside the head with a wet fish  😉

Au revoir