Season’s Greetings!

"Merry Christmas Greetings Card" by sscreations/

“Merry Christmas Greetings Card” by sscreations/

So my blogging tapered off over recent months,

but I will be back with a vengeance in 2013!!

To all my subscribers, and anyone who happens to stumble across my blog,

may you have a joyful, wonderful Christmas and a peaceful, safe New Year.

Wishing you wishes …

Rosie x



Nil Postage.

Hand And Heart by Idea go/










Will my Christmas card reach you this year?

Will the words I write

  spiral up into the sky,

  flutter like birds

  to be caught in your outstretched hands?

Will the love I feel for you

  compress itself into a ball of energy,

  an orb of emotion,

  with Heaven as its destination?

Can you see what is happening,

  how many are grieving,

  your spirit having left

  such a gaping hole in our lives?

Does time mean anything to you now,

  or is a clock just a memory from your past life?

I send you a card every day in my head,

  a letter of love,

  of loss.

You will stay on my Christmas card list.

My unreachable inspiration,

  my reminder to live life to the full.

I just won’t need a stamp any more.

© 2011