Fresh as a daisy!

Okay, so the overhaul is complete … er, I think.  That has definitely taught me that time taken to lay the foundations correctly is beneficial in the long run … I found poems missing from menus and a few incorrect links, so am glad I took the time to change things.

Subscribers should not have been inundated with any unnecessary update notifications, except for a new page created in order to update a menu.  Please let me know if you were … in which case sorry for bugging you!   🙂

You know I really do love the blue …

Seven “X” Seven Link Award

I received somewhat of an early present on Christmas Eve, just gone, when I received the Seven “X” Seven Link Award from Sherline, aka nightshade130, to whom I offer my thanks and sincere apologies for the ridiculously late response/acknowledgement.  This has sat in the back of my mind demanding attention, but to think that it is now April and I am only now attending to it is just crazy!

So, to meet the stipulations of the coveted award I first need to tell something about myself that nobody knows …

Um … *racks brains* … I love making daisy chains!  Age matters not 🙂  There is something beautifully simplistic and enchanting about sitting cross-legged on the grass on a warm, sunny day and making endless amounts of daisy chains.  I still find it unfathomable that such a pretty little flower is categorised as a weed … they are a lawn’s jewellery, surely!

Now comes the 7×7 links to my pieces I feel are worthy to link up:-

Most Beautiful Piece: Fool

Most Helpful: Evolving

Most Popular: Beacons

Most Controversial: Hopeless

Most Surprisingly Successful: The Fabric of Time

Most Underrated: Think of the Good Times, My Love

Most Pride Worthy: Rudderless ~ A Poem For My Grandmother

Next the nomination of 7 other bloggers whom I feel deserve the honour and hopefully haven’t already received it (especially with such a delay on my part!):-

Source of Inspiration:


The Gods of Vice:

“On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea”:

My Blog:

Under The Toadstool:


If you’ve never heard of them, do check them out.  Enjoy!

By the way … had a few problems with the hyperlinks, so if anything’s not working properly please let me know.  Thank you 🙂