Fatal Recognition

Images bombard me,

plumes of butterflies

whenever I see

your beautiful face

All day long

The fear evaporated,

obstacles pushed away

knowing the inevitable truth

Drinking in every encounter,

awash with certainty

Breathless with anticipation

I yield.

© mypastmademe.com 2015


The energy has shifted,

my defences down,

revealing something of my true self.


I am alive when I think of you,

yearning to lay beside you,

listen to the story of your life,

soothed by the lilt of your voice,

transfixed by those amber eyes,

lifted by the strength emanating from you,

protected in a way I have never known before.

You still and awaken me


I am left powerless,

the allure enveloping,

the endearment of your quiet vulnerability


It is only a matter of time

and I no longer wish to run.

© mypastmademe.com 2015




Mortal Saviour

Texture of Sand by Sura Nualpradid courtesy of www.freedigitalphotos.net

Texture of Sand by Sura Nualpradid courtesy of http://www.freedigitalphotos.net


In my rush to find you
Are you standing right before me?
Will your energies yield to mine when we meet?
Will the depth of your eyes melt my armour?
Your gaze transcend our surroundings?
Lifting me from this desolate space
where day moulds to day
and the lists grow longer
Responsibilities suffocating
Aspirations contracting
Guilt and selfishness consuming
Where are you, my love?

(Written in 2012)
© mypastmademe.com 2014

Vision of certainty.

Sunbeams In Forest by Evgeni Dinev courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Sunbeams In Forest by Evgeni Dinev courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net












There is no logic to the way I feel

No sense

Nor sensibility

I have imagined so many

Across a spans long gone

All who called to me

on a level only I felt

None of whom projected

what I thought I perceived

And I could let the darkness back in

Tread on the glass, drink the fear

but I am bathed with light

The shining realisation

that he will materialise one day

and reconnect to my soul

make sense of the world

and accept me wholly, gratefully

Lucid thoughts

packed away


He will find me.

© http://www.mypastmademe.com 2013



Love Flames by Danilo Rizzuti

Love Flames by Danilo Rizzuti


The glowing fire of hurt

My feelings singed

My heart cocooned

from you, I thought

But still you reside there

So beautiful to see

Just out of reach

Enough distance to puncture

My armour, dissolved, useless

The silence is cutting

A million answers to the same question

Heard, but not believed

Have you run away?

Or do you really not want me?

© http://www.mypastmademe.com 2013


Ladder Leading Up To The Sky by Sira Anamwong

Ladder Leading Up To The Sky by Sira Anamwong

I honestly thought it was you

I desperately wanted it to be you!

If it isn’t, why have you climbed back into my mind?

Your face, your smile … so vivid, so elusive …

I gave my power to you

which I now recall

Empowerment fuelled

It hurt too much when you closed the door

Revenge for when I closed it on you

I wish you well,

  my love

Stay vanquished from my head, my heart

or come forward and claim what is yours:

My love.

© http://www.mypastmademe.com 2103

Questionable Juncture

“Confronting The Morning” by prozac1/www.FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I said I’d wait for you

this man, the one I dreamed of

So sure you’d find me,

be led into my life

The gap it lengthens so …

tiredness setting in

My weary heart needing a friend

a bond

Doubt seeping through,

the membrane thinning

Wrong choices now feared

I can’t work out who you are …

©www.mypastmademe.com 2012


Words I Cannot Say …

Two Hearts by jscreationzs/www.FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I know you felt it too

the surge of connection

the will to be one

Your eyes full of answers

my destiny

Electricity noticed by others

trapping my vulnerable heart

Foraging for memories

of the years when we knew little

And I realise now

that it was always so

We were already enmeshed …

But you found another

leaving my soul aching


pining for something that cannot be

©www.mypastmademe.com 2012