A New Star Is Born.

Bright White Star In Space by nuttakit/FreeDigitalPhotos.net









When I looked up at the sky tonight

I could see you waving down at me,

  a star shining more brightly than all the rest.

Muted golds and shades of wonder,

I know you are there now,

  walking with the Gods.

Your daughter’s heart is breaking,

  and so mine breaks too.

I tell her you are near,

  it eases her pain only a little.

Wrap yourself around her from the ether,

  around all of your children,

  for the hurt of your loss is deepening,

  a cross none of them can bear.

Goodbye is not a word they want to say.


Please stay.

© www.mypastmademe.com 2011


Rudderless ~ A Poem for My Grandmother

Rose Close Up by anankkml/FreeDigitalPhotos.net
If you were here now
  you would tell us to get on with it,
  to move forwards with the hands of time.
You would take charge, as you always did,
  standing at the helm,
  riding out the storm.
We would buck or follow, sulk or smile
  but loving you all the while,
  respecting you and trying to please.
For all the times I put my feelings first instead of yours,
  I am so very sorry …
But you know this,
  for the tsunami of tears rises heavenward.
If you were here now
  you would be proud of us pulling together,
  shipmates … your family.
Most of us only exist because of you …
  so now the ship has no direction,
  floating vacantly with no-one to steer, to lead.
If only you were here now.