Creature of Flight

From the ‘Fog Day’ collection ©

The mists of my mind are lifting

The future becomes distant

  as it should be

Focus attunes to the present

  where I find it hard to be still

Struggling to recognise

  the opportunities before me

Yearning to stay grounded

I should not be running towards tomorrow

  where romanticism robs me of clarity

  and mortality heightens anxiety

I should be digging a trench in today

  where life glitters with hope

  and reality holds out the hand of happiness

© 2012

A gift to myself.

Golden Gift Box by Master isolated images/

As I look into the mists of the future

I see the hands reaching for me,

coaxing me forward,

tempting my mind to wonder.

But my feet are firm.

I remain grounded

and resist the pull.

For here is now.

Now is the present.

The present is my gift.

© 2011