Frozen Heart.



“Heart” by graur codrin courtesy of

I can feel my heart hardening again

frosting over

the shards of ice melding together

Frozen solid

the construction of an impenetrable fortress building

once again

No more do I dream of knights and saviours

eyes wide open, surveying instead

the players

the disillusioned

It doesn’t serve to be open

in affairs of the heart

My honesty a toxic poison

Better to remain concealed:

The Dreamer.

There is safety in dreams

and pain in the reality of being ‘too much’.

© 2016

Deletion of Fear


Sailing The Memory Stock Photo by sattva courtesy of

Sailing The Memory Stock Photo by sattva courtesy of


Inscriptions of rejection are dissolved

The passage of time has healed the wounds

I stand alone, determining my direction

I want to eliminate my past

folding the lessons within

It is hard to keep the walls down

resist the urge to protect

Fear of being hurt again collides

with the courage to reveal myself

The time has come to open the gates

and let someone in.

© 2014