Iconic Inspiration

Adult Holding Child’s Hand by phanlop88/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Always there …

my cushion,

an unfailing support system.

Even when the mistakes

are mine alone

she proffers tissues

to soak my tears,

bears outstretched arms

to catch my fall,

listens to my woes,

shares in my joys,

encourages me with my vision,

believes in me

when no-one else will.

I aspire to be as good a person

as she …

as dedicated.

Such an amazing human being,

my friend:

my Mother.

© www.mypastmademe.com 2012

Seven “X” Seven Link Award

I received somewhat of an early present on Christmas Eve, just gone, when I received the Seven “X” Seven Link Award from Sherline, aka nightshade130, to whom I offer my thanks and sincere apologies for the ridiculously late response/acknowledgement.  This has sat in the back of my mind demanding attention, but to think that it is now April and I am only now attending to it is just crazy!

So, to meet the stipulations of the coveted award I first need to tell something about myself that nobody knows …

Um … *racks brains* … I love making daisy chains!  Age matters not 🙂  There is something beautifully simplistic and enchanting about sitting cross-legged on the grass on a warm, sunny day and making endless amounts of daisy chains.  I still find it unfathomable that such a pretty little flower is categorised as a weed … they are a lawn’s jewellery, surely!

Now comes the 7×7 links to my pieces I feel are worthy to link up:-

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Next the nomination of 7 other bloggers whom I feel deserve the honour and hopefully haven’t already received it (especially with such a delay on my part!):-

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If you’ve never heard of them, do check them out.  Enjoy!

By the way … had a few problems with the hyperlinks, so if anything’s not working properly please let me know.  Thank you 🙂