Sunset to Sunrise, Part II: Sunrise

Dawn by dan/


Am I being told

  to wait

  stop looking

  not to be distracted by others?

Maybe I am to believe that bolt of knowledge …

My heart weighs heavy.

As I held that gorgeous lock of hair

  the emotion felt so powerful,

  a love so strong …

The root of belief has burrowed deep,

  so hard to destroy,

  to erase from my mind.

How can I miss someone I’ve never been close to?

© 2011


Misplaced emotions …

3d Man And Question Mark by Master isolated images/

I have spent the last hour looking for my poetry book … my little book in which I scribe all my thoughts, my poems, my most private wonders.  It was placed next to me last night while I typed ‘A  New Star Is Born’ … after that, I have no idea.  I can’t remember.  Logic says, of course, that it’s here somewhere!  I know I didn’t take it out, so it’s got to be around … it will turn up tomorrow surely.

Except that tomorrow isn’t good enough.  Like Verruca Salt (surely the most brilliantly named fictitious character of all time), I want it NOW!!  I even had a little cry … a release of desperation since I’ve looked everywhere it could be to no avail.  How amazing really that such an innocent-looking, inanimate object can evoke such emotion at the fact that it’s missing.

So tonight, no poem … I mean, yes, obviously I could scribble something out on a loose piece of paper, but it wouldn’t be the same, and anyway my mind is now solely consumed by the knowledge that I am lacking the knowledge of knowing where my book is!!!  *sigh*  Hopefully tomorrow I will write something about the gratitude of finding something so precious …

Have a lovely evening 🙂  Wish me luck with my search!