Reminder of the morn.

Sun And Sea by njaj courtesy of

Sun And Sea by njaj courtesy of

The sun has set …

a moon of orange,

the prelude to an ending.

Singed with the emotions of today

sleep will journey us

towards another sunrise,

a new beginning

scorched with the memories of yesteryear.

© 2013


Splash Green by Idea go/

A mist descends

soft blanket of calm

Quelling the sadness

filling the void

Smiles step forth

The reins of seriousness are cut

Memories of carefree times

body succumbing to music

My form found

One foot planted

in a field of responsibility,

the other

longing for freedom

a splash of it

just sometimes

so I don’t forget

how to be me

© 2012


There it is next to me …

a heap on the floor

A mound of memories

The coat of rejection grew thin

and worn

So I took it off

The cloak of inadequacy

doesn’t fit any more

Not me

The path I’ve chosen still twists

and turns

but it is now edged with roses

The sky is Iris blue

and my heart is free

© 2012


The Fabric of Time

This poem is ‘forced’ and I think it shows … but I wanted to join in Luna’s Poetry Month Clambake (Week 1)  🙂

The clock ticking,

  the swell of my heart burdensome

  as emotions spill forth

The pillow sodden,

  tears absorbed, lost in the fabric

Memories flickering like a cinema reel

  age 8, carefree

  age 13, shy and unworldly

  age 23, believing, hopeful

  29, broken.

Tick tock

Time doesn’t stop

© 2011

Thanks Luna!