Perpetual absorption

Smoke On The Black Background by foto76

Smoke On The Black Background by foto76 courtesy of

You are in my mind

and all around me,

a translucent vapour.

My wreath of obsession.




I want to keep you there:


within reach.

Until I face my fears

and draw you near.

© 2016





I wonder if you think of me

  the way I think of you

Do I infiltrate your thoughts?

  climb into your mind

  the way you have climbed into mine?

Do you think we are matched,

  paired eons ago, before time began,

  before life eroded me?

Patience is a stranger to me

Yet for you I will wait,

  will learn

I long to feel your hair sweep across my face

  your fingertips stroke my skin

  your caress undress my heart

And wrap my arms around you

bathe you in the sweetest love

  you have ever known

Consume you,

  the way you have consumed me

© 2011