Peaceful infusion

Heart Shaped Cloud by tokyoboy courtesy of

Heart Shaped Cloud by tokyoboy courtesy of

The once fervent grasp



has loosened.

Wilted by the sun

drained of vigour


The focus turns to self

  diffused of anger

  infused with peace

  bemused at the past.

The predatory pain quashed

leaving my heart free

and my dreams alive.

© 2014

Anticipatory mantra

Balancing Zen Stones In Water by Master isolated images courtesy of

Balancing Zen Stones In Water by Master isolated images courtesy of


I know not of the feel of a partner’s arms

the security and serenity of another’s love

I know not of beautified glances

the pleasurable allure of someone entranced

I care not for the material

the matter borne from money

I seek the vibrancy of a transcendent connection

the attraction and root pull of the core

I yearn not to wait,

not to know,

only to live

Keep the fire burning

and acknowledge the flicker of a new dawn

Embrace the deliverance

of inner peace

© 2014

One person, two journeys …

Serenity by dan/

I thought I had come so far and learned so much … but I have begun to realise that I actually know hardly anything and still have such a long way to go.

There is the journey of life – with its ups and downs, daily pitfalls, and hopefully joyous moments in abundance – and there is another journey taking place within me: one of understanding and acceptance, the path to finding peace and serenity, forgiving myself and being more forgiving and encouraging of others.  There is much work to do.  I need to find the right key for each door, and in the meantime rid myself of this anger and transform it into love.  There is no place in my life for anger any more … no rhyme or reason, and no excuse.

I was not born with anger and I don’t want it to live within me any more.

© 2011