Perpetual absorption

Smoke On The Black Background by foto76

Smoke On The Black Background by foto76 courtesy of

You are in my mind

and all around me,

a translucent vapour.

My wreath of obsession.




I want to keep you there:


within reach.

Until I face my fears

and draw you near.

© 2016




Fatal Recognition

Images bombard me,

plumes of butterflies

whenever I see

your beautiful face

All day long

The fear evaporated,

obstacles pushed away

knowing the inevitable truth

Drinking in every encounter,

awash with certainty

Breathless with anticipation

I yield.

© 2015


The energy has shifted,

my defences down,

revealing something of my true self.


I am alive when I think of you,

yearning to lay beside you,

listen to the story of your life,

soothed by the lilt of your voice,

transfixed by those amber eyes,

lifted by the strength emanating from you,

protected in a way I have never known before.

You still and awaken me


I am left powerless,

the allure enveloping,

the endearment of your quiet vulnerability


It is only a matter of time

and I no longer wish to run.

© 2015




Embryonic Recognition

"Romantic book" image by dan courtesy of

“Romantic book” image by dan courtesy of

I have tried to keep the door shut

but your eyes have wedged it open

Pools of beauty,

drawing me in

I see right through you

My transparency probably equal

My will to run,

to resist,

much greater

Angst about disruption



Fear of hurt,

everything that could go wrong

a barricade to all that might be perfect

Yet there is a song in my heart

placed there by you

So whilst the ending is unknown

and the beginning is in question

I cannot deny

that with you

there is a story waiting to be told.

© 2014

Peaceful infusion

Heart Shaped Cloud by tokyoboy courtesy of

Heart Shaped Cloud by tokyoboy courtesy of

The once fervent grasp



has loosened.

Wilted by the sun

drained of vigour


The focus turns to self

  diffused of anger

  infused with peace

  bemused at the past.

The predatory pain quashed

leaving my heart free

and my dreams alive.

© 2014

Mind over heart

Candlestick Encrusted Heart Shape by koko-tewan courtesy of

Candlestick Encrusted Heart Shape by koko-tewan courtesy of

A candle burns

the flame tapered

as hot as the passion

inscribed on their faces

Lovers cradling hearts

mouths exploring

skin on fire

for the other’s touch

She yields to him

handing over lock and key

her biggest sin

unto herself

Yield, by all means,

but the key …

hoard it

hide it

unless he succumbs wholly

offers everything of himself

for a love that will burn endlessly


© 2014

Nature’s warmth

Sunflower by patrisyu courtesy of

Sunflower by patrisyu courtesy of

The fragrance of freedom

all enveloping

as I sit and absorb

the furls of summer

the fronds of a lightened season

The heavy curtains of winter

drawn back

fixed to let the light in

Windows open

  of the mind

  of the heart

to evacuate negativity

Its smoky vapours disappearing

chased away

by this welcome chapter

breathing life into long, hazy days

© 2014


What of these years?

The transference from weak to strong

What of those thoughts?

Lifted from darkness to white light

A puncture of time

Wallpaper Blue by Idea go courtesy of

Wallpaper Blue by Idea go courtesy of

distilled sadness

bottled, diluted

evaporated by contentment

That easy feeling of self-love

a cessation of searching

For under every stone

behind every tree

I find myself

My soul staring back at me

life force illuminated

guardian’s wings enveloping

encouraging me forwards


© 2014


Green Field And Rainbow by Anusorn P nachol courtesy of

Green Field And Rainbow by Anusorn P nachol courtesy of

You left a blueprint on my heart

Taught me what I needed to know,

the qualities I should expect,

how I should be cherished.

It was never meant to be

yet we were linked,


on another level

from a distant past,

forgotten lives.

You roused my memory,

awoke my heart

and now you are free.

Soar, my love

Angelic lesson

You will leave rainbows in your wake.

© 2014