Pearlescent affirmation.

Diver by healingdream/


Another nightfall,

  time to ponder events, feelings

A myriad of thoughts whirling around my head,

  a tidal wave of feeling crushing from within

I want no remainder of today,

  save for the smiles

To carry forward the woes is futile,


The day is gone.

Tomorrow brings another chance,

  another roll of the dice,

  a day when life may be an apocalypse

  or the pearl in the oyster.

I can taste the salt of the ocean

  and will dive

  for the jewel of positivity

© 2011


A gift to myself.

Golden Gift Box by Master isolated images/

As I look into the mists of the future

I see the hands reaching for me,

coaxing me forward,

tempting my mind to wonder.

But my feet are firm.

I remain grounded

and resist the pull.

For here is now.

Now is the present.

The present is my gift.

© 2011

Author’s comment (The Invisible Gift)

I wrote this as a competition entry (er, I didn’t win!) circa 2006.  I like the positivity of it, and there are some aspects of it that I’m really proud of, but there is something about it that is more … shall we say, magazine-style than my own style of writing.

The ending feels rushed (to me), and whilst the final paragraph is somewhat sickly, it felt right to end it like that.

I’ve tweaked the odd word/phrase while typing it up; small improvements after not reading it for so long.  I like to think that this story, despite my own criticisms, is a stepping stone to better writing.

Indigo Sky

Lightning by Suvro Datta/

The lightning flashing

best laid plans crashing

under a blackened sky.

The thunder rolling

random thoughts scrolling

under an indigo sky.



Energy by dan/

A feeling of dread

of things left unsaid

under a dark grey sky.

Old feelings lamented

my past cemented

under a pale grey sky.



Beautiful Sea And Blue Sky by tungphoto/

The tide still pulling

the future I’m mulling

under a brightening sky.

My spirit ignited

refusing to be blighted

under a cerulean sky.

© 2011

I wanted to say: ‘The thunder rolling, random thoughts extolling’, but after checking my grammar found the meaning would be incorrect?  Advice welcomed as it’s the word I wanted to use, the word that felt right (not ‘scrolling’)!  🙂


There was a time

Girl Reading A Book On A Beach by Michal Marcol/

  when I was cemented in my past

  and I could not see the future.

There was a time

  when I could not stop visualising what lies ahead,

  what will become of me.

Now I can only live in the moment.

I do not try to see the future,

  I do not dwell on the past

  and I can only taste the present.

I have surrendered

  to the conclusion of another chapter,

  and my fingers are slowly reaching

  to turn the page of tomorrow.

© 2011

Submitted for Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 45  🙂

The Perfect Poet Award of Week 41 ~ ‘Evolving’

I accept the nomination for The Perfect Poet Award for Week 41.  Thank you Becca (and anyone else?) for nominating me.

I am pleased to nominate belladonna23 for her piece ‘it’s gone’.

My entry for week 41:


Goodbye old self,

old shell

cast aside, outgrown

May you disintegrate

into the dust of my past

save for the good memories,

the smiles,

the moments to treasure

The future beckons

but I yield with pleasure

to the vortex of today

© 2011