Prophecy Overturned.

You will suffer heartbreak

You will be fearful of your protector

You will escape only to be imprisoned

Your heart will be healed, only to be burned

You will be haunted by deceit

You will cry enough tears for three

You will be left with nothing


I have everything I need

And more.

My heart is full.

My spirit shines.

I want for nothing.



Willy Wonka’s Protégé

Pain.  Tears.  Horror.  Shock.  Heartbreak.  Sadness.  Joy.  Humiliation.  Embarrassment.  Disappointment.  Confusion.  Loneliness.  Anger.  Wrath.  Scorn.  Worry.  Fear.  Jealousy.  Hatred.  Disgust.  Loathing.  Love.  Lies.

These are the words of my distant past.

I then found new words, mixed in with some old ones:

Adulation.  Jealousy.  Love.  Lust.  Lies.  Confusion.  Joy.  Safety.  Happiness.  Sadness.  Disappointment.  Spontaneous.  Surprising.  Forever.  Sexy.  Loveable.  Appreciated.  Grateful.  Beautiful.

but I had to delete the most important one: 


Now I have a new dictionary and these are my words:

Content.  Happy.  Free.  Loved.  Appreciated.  Responsible.  Eternal.  Successful.  Mother.  Fulfilled.

I am the master of my own destiny.

I am the dreamer of dreams*.

* Willy Wonka: We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.