Blind Vision

Sky by dan/

I can hear the billowing whispers

blowing past me,

through me

The soft kiss of trust is elusive


When I look up I see blue skies,

a blaze of dreams,

my future

So I look ahead

and gaze at now

Where no-one stands

no means of letting me down

plunging asunder

No gate

No key

Just a molten myth

© 2012

Indigo Sky

Lightning by Suvro Datta/

The lightning flashing

best laid plans crashing

under a blackened sky.

The thunder rolling

random thoughts scrolling

under an indigo sky.



Energy by dan/

A feeling of dread

of things left unsaid

under a dark grey sky.

Old feelings lamented

my past cemented

under a pale grey sky.



Beautiful Sea And Blue Sky by tungphoto/

The tide still pulling

the future I’m mulling

under a brightening sky.

My spirit ignited

refusing to be blighted

under a cerulean sky.

© 2011

I wanted to say: ‘The thunder rolling, random thoughts extolling’, but after checking my grammar found the meaning would be incorrect?  Advice welcomed as it’s the word I wanted to use, the word that felt right (not ‘scrolling’)!  🙂