Splash Green by Idea go/

A mist descends

soft blanket of calm

Quelling the sadness

filling the void

Smiles step forth

The reins of seriousness are cut

Memories of carefree times

body succumbing to music

My form found

One foot planted

in a field of responsibility,

the other

longing for freedom

a splash of it

just sometimes

so I don’t forget

how to be me

© 2012

Lasso of Love

Mother Kissing Her Daughter by David Castillo Dominici/

Let me kiss away the pain,

my dear

It will leave you,

have no fear

Your sweet smile,

cherubic face

Sadness clouding your eyes

like lace

White Dove by Matt Banks/

Let me lift away your sorrow,

my love

Watch it fly,

a snow-white dove

Your small hands,

eyes full of hope

My love lassoes you,

a gilt-edged rope

Heart Shape by thanunkorn/

© 2012

Impossible Possibility.

Burning Heart by chrisroll/


It can’t be you!

  With your excruciating honesty

  and your unashamedly blunt opinions …

I am too sensitive a creature for you!

  With my worrying ways

  and heart pinned to my sleeve …

I know you have felt the same pain,

  deception ripping you to the core.

Even the years of devotion

  amount to the same number.

I know I love being in your company,

  your smile lighting up the room,

  opening a door in my heart.

But I didn’t think it was you …

It can’t be you?

© 2011