Lasso of Love

Mother Kissing Her Daughter by David Castillo Dominici/

Let me kiss away the pain,

my dear

It will leave you,

have no fear

Your sweet smile,

cherubic face

Sadness clouding your eyes

like lace

White Dove by Matt Banks/

Let me lift away your sorrow,

my love

Watch it fly,

a snow-white dove

Your small hands,

eyes full of hope

My love lassoes you,

a gilt-edged rope

Heart Shape by thanunkorn/

© 2012


Love by Salvatore Vuono/


Splintered.  My Family.  My Heart.

One piece wanting to leave regularly …

and I am not whole until she boomerangs home again.


Two responses: one of sorrow … that it was not supposed to be like this,

and one of knowing that I need to fulfill my life so that it does not hurt so much.



© 2011

Not today …

A Study In Pink by Maggie Smith/

 I want to write something beautiful …

A sonnet to make your heart sing,

a verse to fill your head with dreams

Cherry blossom falling,

  raining like confetti

A dewdrop on an open rose,

glistening as a new day dawns

Rose From The Garden by Bill Perry/

An iris swaying in the summer breeze,

  as blue as an azure sky

A fairytale ending,

  soulmates bonded for eternity

But my eyes are stinging,

  swollen from tears

I wish you love and hope,

  but I cannot write something beautiful today

© 2011


My entry for Luna’s Poetry Month Clambake (Week 3)

For Sian

An innocent child

  sensible, beautiful

Cruelly taken

  your life ended

  unfairly, tragically, awfully

My sorrow is great

Your fate a reminder

  of my fears for the future

  for my innocents

I am so sorry


I won’t be categorising this with my other poems.  I just needed to write it.  My thoughts and sympathies go out to Sian’s family and friends.  We live in scary times.  Some life events hit us harder than others, and I can’t make sense of this one.


Emptyness has taken hold

  and stolen my emotions,

  my sympathy

So cold inside

  I have nothing to offer

Confusion has me in its path

  storming towards me

And I cannot move

  cannot see

Everything discoloured

  my life fading to grey

Two angels sleeping nearby

  my life, my reason

  pieces of me existing outside of my body

Why did he slash my heart,

  score it, dice it?

I was a fool

  besotted, betrayed

The disease was there all along

  holding hands with deceit

A new crossroads

  but this time a blizzard

  the signs obscured

  and two young hearts to crush

But what of mine?

What of my sorrow?

  my pain?

What lesson is this

  to be learned, endured?

Always trusting,

  eternally the fool

A leap of faith?

  or a plunge to death?

© 2011