One Fine Day.

Reed by Vlado courtesy of

Reed by Vlado courtesy of

As I sit here now

do the stars glint for me?

Shimmer their beauty

The dead night lit by diamonds

Blackness that once matched my heart

My beat, my soul

glows with love

Time shifts, a chasm before me

To step back to yesterday

A world whiled away in an instant

Or to bend … a reed folding into tomorrow

‘Tis hardest staying still

Fixed in my disillusions

Battling the desire

to have someone by my side

A protector, lover of life

of me

Arms will wrap around me

reassurance will envelop again

This purgatory will dissolve

and stoke the fires of passion

nurture that which was once broken

One fine day.


(Written in 2012)
© 2014

A New Star Is Born.

Bright White Star In Space by nuttakit/









When I looked up at the sky tonight

I could see you waving down at me,

  a star shining more brightly than all the rest.

Muted golds and shades of wonder,

I know you are there now,

  walking with the Gods.

Your daughter’s heart is breaking,

  and so mine breaks too.

I tell her you are near,

  it eases her pain only a little.

Wrap yourself around her from the ether,

  around all of your children,

  for the hurt of your loss is deepening,

  a cross none of them can bear.

Goodbye is not a word they want to say.


Please stay.

© 2011