Angelic Inspiration


Golden Angel On White image courtesy of artur84 at

Golden Angel On White image courtesy of artur84 at

Nearly a year has passed

An arch of time

an ache within many hearts

Enveloped in reminders

thoughts left unsaid

Your smile steering me

your will inspiring

These things are decided

events which cannot be undone

Tears still flow

and you are still not here

I ask for help

in believing that you are.

© 2014

The Consequence of Time

Beautiful Apricot Spring Blossom Branch by Sujin Jetkasettakorn/



We all bloom with youth

  and wither with time

So bloom with abandon

  and wither gracefully

© 2011

The Fabric of Time

This poem is ‘forced’ and I think it shows … but I wanted to join in Luna’s Poetry Month Clambake (Week 1)  🙂

The clock ticking,

  the swell of my heart burdensome

  as emotions spill forth

The pillow sodden,

  tears absorbed, lost in the fabric

Memories flickering like a cinema reel

  age 8, carefree

  age 13, shy and unworldly

  age 23, believing, hopeful

  29, broken.

Tick tock

Time doesn’t stop

© 2011

Thanks Luna!