One Fine Day.

Reed by Vlado courtesy of

Reed by Vlado courtesy of

As I sit here now

do the stars glint for me?

Shimmer their beauty

The dead night lit by diamonds

Blackness that once matched my heart

My beat, my soul

glows with love

Time shifts, a chasm before me

To step back to yesterday

A world whiled away in an instant

Or to bend … a reed folding into tomorrow

‘Tis hardest staying still

Fixed in my disillusions

Battling the desire

to have someone by my side

A protector, lover of life

of me

Arms will wrap around me

reassurance will envelop again

This purgatory will dissolve

and stoke the fires of passion

nurture that which was once broken

One fine day.


(Written in 2012)
© 2014

Reminder of the morn.

Sun And Sea by njaj courtesy of

Sun And Sea by njaj courtesy of

The sun has set …

a moon of orange,

the prelude to an ending.

Singed with the emotions of today

sleep will journey us

towards another sunrise,

a new beginning

scorched with the memories of yesteryear.

© 2013

Self Destruction


Dreams by Kenneth Cratty/

I take an unsteady step

my foot placed firmly on the path

neon dreams glowing in the distance


The ground opens before me

a gaping crevice

the steam of rejection misting upwards from the earth

Dare I walk ahead

where the ground crumbles?

Easier not to try …

Safer to return to what I know

especially when so weary

my body weighted with negativity

my arms heavy as lead

But now I notice my hands

wielding a sledgehammer

How long have I been the saboteur of my own destiny? 2012


Creature of Flight

From the ‘Fog Day’ collection ©

The mists of my mind are lifting

The future becomes distant

  as it should be

Focus attunes to the present

  where I find it hard to be still

Struggling to recognise

  the opportunities before me

Yearning to stay grounded

I should not be running towards tomorrow

  where romanticism robs me of clarity

  and mortality heightens anxiety

I should be digging a trench in today

  where life glitters with hope

  and reality holds out the hand of happiness

© 2012

Sugar and spice …

World Nature3 by Danilo Rizzuti/

My future does not reek of sorrow

The tears will not well and pool

Excitement beckons

Dreams to fulfill,

  successes to reap

Caresses to wrap myself in

A blanket of warmth,

  of safety

Tomorrow is sweet,

  but today is sweeter.

© 2012


Pearlescent affirmation.

Diver by healingdream/


Another nightfall,

  time to ponder events, feelings

A myriad of thoughts whirling around my head,

  a tidal wave of feeling crushing from within

I want no remainder of today,

  save for the smiles

To carry forward the woes is futile,


The day is gone.

Tomorrow brings another chance,

  another roll of the dice,

  a day when life may be an apocalypse

  or the pearl in the oyster.

I can taste the salt of the ocean

  and will dive

  for the jewel of positivity

© 2011


The wonder of tomorrow

Electric Connection by Idea go/

There is truth in your eyes.

I see it glinting gold and amber,

  drawing me in.

But I can’t look for too long …


Can you feel the spark?

That indefinable something which makes me want to stay, to talk?

I don’t think about tomorrow,

The wonder of whether anything will happen

  is pushed away.

The right one will come to me

  and lay himself bare.

© 2011



There was a time

Girl Reading A Book On A Beach by Michal Marcol/

  when I was cemented in my past

  and I could not see the future.

There was a time

  when I could not stop visualising what lies ahead,

  what will become of me.

Now I can only live in the moment.

I do not try to see the future,

  I do not dwell on the past

  and I can only taste the present.

I have surrendered

  to the conclusion of another chapter,

  and my fingers are slowly reaching

  to turn the page of tomorrow.

© 2011

Submitted for Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 45  🙂